LRSTAR - Parser Generator for C++ A.M.D.G.
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About LRSTAR 24

An LR(*) parser generator for C++.
Handles LALR(k) grammars for reasonable k.
Open-source software. Compiles on Windows and Linux.
It's TOP-DOWN processing via AST traversal.
Handles huge grammars like PLSQL (6500 rules).
Reads YACC/Bison and ANTLR grammars, after some modifications.
Includes 4 Visual Studio C++ projects.

Download LRSTAR 24


Download Visual Studio 2022

Download Visual Studio 2022 and install it on your computer. The free version, Visual Studio Community is fine. LRSTAR works well inside of Visual Studio. You just click on an error messages and it takes you to the line causing the error.

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